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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Do you still have a textured popcorn ceiling in your home? We understand your anxiety to book popcorn ceiling removal in Brampton, Ontario. Some really old popcorn ceilings are not safe since they contain hazardous elements, such as lead & asbestos. For the same reason, it’s not safe to remove popcorn ceiling all on your own either. Besides, this is a truly difficult task.

It’s time to put your mind at ease. Now that you found Brampton Painting Service, you may leave this messy and often unsafe job to us. That’s to be sure it’s done safely, correctly, and without transferring dust to the rest of the house. And it’s not just that. Once the popcorn ceiling is removed, the substrate is prepped and finished. Don’t you want that done to perfection too?

Specialists in popcorn ceiling removal in Brampton

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Brampton

You can easily get a quotation for a popcorn ceiling removal Brampton service. All you must do is contact our team – by sending us a message or by calling, explaining the situation. A pro comes to your house to check the textured ceiling and speak details with you. Once we gather some information on what’s needed, we can offer an estimate – which is free with no obligation on your part.

If you assign the job to our team, the pros show up as scheduled and fully prepared to remove the popcorn ceiling. Full attention is given to the constraining of the room so that the dust emitted by the popcorn ceiling removal won’t travel to the other rooms of the house. Of course, the floor is covered and the pros are properly geared and dressed so that their health won’t be affected either.

Once the popcorn ceiling is removed, the substrate is prepped & finished

Experienced in removing popcorn ceiling & refinishing, the pros start and complete the job to your full satisfaction. Not only do they take all precautions beforehand but also take their time to remove the popcorn ceiling in a proper manner. Of course, the substrate is properly prepped, afterward. Any ceiling flaws, damage, and imperfections are all fixed, as demanded.

Once the ceiling is prepped, it’s primed and finished as previously agreed with you. Be sure that the material removed from the ceiling is also removed from your home and the floor is left clean and neat.

With the popcorn ceiling gone, you can have a modern ceiling – flat or coffered and painted to your liking – always based on your home style and personal preferences. So, what are your ceiling preferences? Do you want to talk about colors? Would you like to discuss your project, and get a quotation for the Brampton popcorn ceiling removal and the ceiling’s finishing? Feel free to contact our team.