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Crown Molding and Trim Painting

Ready to boost the appearance of interior trims? Our company is an excellent choice for crown molding and trim painting in Brampton, Ontario. All these baseboards, chair rails, door casings, crown moldings, and other interior trims are fantastic architectural details. But since over time they wear, get dusty, and often become damaged and lose their edge, they deserve to be refreshed. If this moment has come for your trims, it’s time to talk with our team, here at Brampton Painting Service.

Experts in trim painting and crown molding painting serve Brampton

Crown Molding and Trim Painting Brampton

After years of serving this town, we can tell you with certainty that Brampton crown molding and trim painting jobs differ. That’s because not all homes have the same trims. And the trim profiles vary. Trim materials vary too. And not all trims are in the same condition. Now, the good news in all that is our experience in all trims and painting trims. No matter how intricate the design of your crown molding or how bad the condition of your baseboards is, the trims are prepped and painted to look perfect.

Interior molding painting services

You can trust our experience with all moldings. You should feel confident in turning to us for any trim painting.

  •          Crown moldings. The material of these moldings defines the way they are prepped and painted. Crown molding painting is often combined with baseboard painting. If there’s crown over cabinets in the kitchen, the cabinets are often painted too so that they won’t look dull with the crowns painted.
  •          Chair rails. Some houses still have chair rails – or even picture rails. All these trims can be painted – often a color contrasting the wall’s color.
  •          Baseboards. Since baseboards stand at the lower part of the wall, they often get a good share of beating. They are prepped and painted to look great again, and as said above, baseboard painting is often matched with crown molding painting.
  •          Window casings. Located close to openings, window casings are often in bad shape. Don’t worry. They are prepped to look good and painted to match your room’s style.
  •          Door casings. Door casings are often painted along with doors – or not, whatever you want.  
  •          Wall trims. Such trims are meant to define the wall’s character. Let’s boost their appearance. Book wall trim painting.

From baseboards to crown moldings, all trims are perfectly painted

As is often the case, customers usually want all interior trims painted to create a cohesive appearance in the home. But the choice is yours. The good news is that our painting company is ready to serve no matter what you decide to do. Before anything else, we are ready to send pros to check your trims in order to suggest colors, finishes, and coatings and besides that, to offer an estimate for the service. If you could use such information, be sure that there’s no obligation or charge.

Be certain of our team’s expertise in trim painting services and all materials. All moldings in your home are cleaned, fixed, sanded, and prepared to be painted. The results are fantastic and last for a very long time while the cost of the service is reasonable. Why don’t you find out yourself? Contact us if you are considering crown molding and trim painting in Brampton.